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    Required details on Dairy farm

    Please feel free to call me anytime on +919860600133 to discuss Dairy farming ; from inception to conception to commercialization..
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    Economics of Diary farm in Indian context rather say in context with our village

    Dairy Farming ; Indian Context calculations :-Perceptions of new Entrants To be very realistic this subject of Dairy farming is not for email/postings being a 3 dimensional subject. More importantly any/all Agriculture related businesses cannot be discussed on postings. At the same time info on...
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    Dairy Farming; myths of Entrepreneurs

    Dairy Farming ... Dear Mr. Praveen, I did try to send you a PM with my contact details however your inbox is FULL. You may please call me anytime . No mails please. Dairy farming is too vast a subject for emails/posts. You may get my details on Linkedin , google or facebook as well. You...
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    Dairy Farming; myths of Entrepreneurs

    Being in the profession of setting up dairy farms for more than 20 years it is indeed sad to see that the newcomers entering into Dairy Farming have these FUNDAMENTAL myths by virtue of which they start their Dairy farming business but face lot of difficulties ( due to ??? ) which ultimately...
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    Dairy Farm - Milk Products

    Milk Products.... In dairy farming its never the question of where you want to start from but where you want to reach after 1st year since Cow is not a machine & does not give milk all year round. It give a variable quantity of milk only after giving a calf which is at an average of once...
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    Barley as a Dairy Cattle Foffer????

    Barley as cow feed.... Dear Sir, I will be able to explain ( whether Barley can be used OR NOT ) to you on phone ONLY as its too deep a subject for explaination on the email. I always like to offer advise on Call since explaining is much easier than writing & clarity of communication is...
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    Beer waste

    Beer Waste... Beer Waste is not good for the health of cows. The reasons cannot be explained on post. For details on contacting me by call; please see my blogs.
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    Workshop For Dairy Farming

    Dairy seminar in Patna.... Dear Sir, Your mail box is full ; am unable to send any details. You may please call anytime ; contact details available on google & facebook. With warm regards,
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    Workshop For Dairy Farming

    Workshop on Dairying.... Dear Sir/Madam It gives us immense pleasure to inform that BiharState Milk Cooperative Federation Ltd. ( COMFED) Bihar in collaboration with Indian Dairy Association, (EZ), Bihar State Chapter, Patna is organising a Seminar on “Dairying in Eastern...
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    Livestock, dairy expo-2011

    VISION 2020 – International symposium on Indian Poultry, Dairy & Livestock Industry Conference will be held in parallel to the IAI Expo (India’s leading event on Dairy, Poultry & Livestock Industry). 1) Vision & Objective:- To create a platform to enable the industry leaders to unlock...
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    International Symposium on Dairy, Livestock & Poultry in Karnal...

    International Symposium on Future of Indian Poultry, Dairy & Livestock Industry Vision 2020 1st-2nd December 2011, NDRI, Karnal Haryana, INDIA VISION 2020 - INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON FUTURE OF INDIAN POULTRY...
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    Do you think Dairy Farming Profitable?..check out

    Profitable dairy farming... Dear Mr. subbareddy & Kiran, Thank you for your kind words. Please note that in a 100 animal farm all the animals are not milking & the cycle is maintained in such a way that around 60% of the animals are always milking. As a result you will have a a...
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    Do you think Dairy Farming Profitable?..check out

    Profitability in Dairy farming...... Dairy Farming is a business in which most attention has to be given on Feeding & Management. This particular aspect has been overlooked & neglected by most of the people entering into Dairy Business. Unfortunately most of the people as well as consultants...
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    Invest in Dairy Business and earn 30% returns Per year

    Ah.... Dear Vivek, I do have a problem when my name is put ( by YOU) unnecessarily into a thread. It would have been ideal to avoid any reference to me. Till today I have never posted any comment on this particular thread thus it was surprising to see your expert (ise which is self...
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    Invest in Dairy Business and earn 30% returns Per year

    Clarity for Mr. Vivek...... Dear Forever online Internet Expert, Please note that ( UNLIKE YOU) I am using this site under my own name i.e. cnsant. I do not discuss DAIRY FARMING as it is not for discussions on net which is why you will not find any comments from me except asking poeple...

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