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  • Dear Ashwini,

    We want to set up Ginger processing plant in Assam. Would you be able to help us in regard to the same.
    Dear Ashwini:
    Thanks for the detailed info about goat farming. I need more info regarding basic investment, total area required for stall fed method to start with Boer type hybrid.
    girishhanakere@gmail.com, 9986024083.
    Girish H R
    dear Ashwini
    Is it feasible to establish Ginger Processing plant in the state of Mizoram, and whether the quality of ginger variety locally available are good enough for processing ?

    hi ashwini,
    i saw all ur posts... and pretty much interesting to start rabbit farming..
    i need to know info about initial investment of 100:20 (female:male) farm..
    and let me know about the marketing of rabbit meat...
    can u mail me at mr.madhu4u@gmail.com
    dear frinds
    i need help for you friends. whats matter is my father-in-law want to test the land for bore well in his agriculture land but he is not sure if water is there or not in that land so he is hesitating to invest on bore well so please suggest any cheap and easy method to test the land for water . its very urgent if he have a bore well he wants to start a dairy farm in his village so please give me the information on this issue

    thank u friends

    how to prepare the emu feed for different ages birds and also give me the composition details.

    Is any machinery available for prepare feed?


    Dear Sir
    I visited many emu forming but as per my knowledge all are seafaring the marketing problems,
    they don’t have direct market in India, there market only to supply the new brides for new emu forming peoples in some other places.
    I am sure right now there is no direct market in India,
    If any direct market in India cans you advise me, its use full for all emu forming members.
    hello ashwini,
    i am going for high density plantation of mango in july 2012 .the plantations are of 6mtX2mt spacing and in 6mt spacing i want go for inter cropping.pl suggest me the crop so that the crop should not harm the mango plantation and a little bit of income also earned.the drip facility is being provided for both the crops.
    Hi sir I'm mayur leaving at gujarat i can start this project so please providing of all Information and guide me.
    Dear Sir,
    I have 8,66,000 sq feet land in Nainital Distt'rural hilly area and i want to know about any of medical crop which can i fertlize there and utilize my land to earn some money from there.
    Kindly send me some suggestions as needfull as possible.

    Thanks & Regards
    Jaspal Singh
    hi sir i want to start emu farm please give me information about how can i bye the emu chicks and after two years how can i sale the eggs and chicks i mean emu marketing details
    Hi sir,
    My name is Abhilash and i stay in Delhi.
    I want to start a small scale mushroom farming in Delhi.
    I have 1000sq yard farm for farming.
    I need your help to start plz sir guide me and also give me your number.
    You can contact me on my number 9990829800/email id:abhilashbacchas44@gmail.com

    Looking forward to your reply,

    Thanking You,

    With Regards,
    hi ashwini,
    my name is alpesh ramani from surat gujarat
    i want to start banana fiber extraction
    i need your help cause i don't know much abt it
    u may contact me at
    waiting for ur replay.
    Hi Ashwini,

    Thanks alot for replying to my post, on mushroom substrate sterilisation/pasteurisation. Its been helpful :)

    Shinju Ann
    I am going to Start a Dairy Firm. So I want to know some relevant information.

    Please revert me back with the answer of my bellow question:
    1. 1.What should be the investment money for the 10 cow ?

    2. 2.How many acres of land required for the Dairy firm Project having 10 cow ?

    3.3.Iam Lived in Andhra in guntur .so wheather is hot climet
    4.4.i am getting confused the breeds whether to buy HF or buffalos, kindly advice the miliking
    5.5.Can you please provide me your contact number.
    6.6.My Contact No.+91 9880446527
    7.7.My Email ID :ramachandrarao.grandhi@gmail.com
    Dear Ashwin,
    I am going to start the Coleous plant, in approx. 20 Acres of Land. I need the advise/methods to install the Extracting plant. Can you Pls provide ur Contact Number. My contact No.8870799240
    HI Aswini,

    I am trying to start the diary farm with 25 cows intially,
    i am getting confused the breeds whether to buy HF or buffalos, kindly advice the miliking
    capacity and where can we buy these cows , I am located in salem, tamiladu

    thanks in advance
    My name is Murali and based out of chennai. I am planning to buy agri land near puthur for paddy, Chilli. My number is 9739007025. I need suggestion as well as available farm land.
    Thank you.
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