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Mr. Sikandar Meeranaik on "Rain water harvesting through bore well recharge (water harvesting)"

Mr. Sikandar Meeranaik  is the CEO of Sankalpa Rural Development Society in  Hubballi – Gadag , Karnataka.   He says water is the biggest multiplier in agriculture – with no water the rural economy collapses. Sankalpa Rural Development Society’s work with rainwater harvesting through borewell recharge addresses the major issue of lack of a regular water supply for small to marginal farmers in areas challenged by drought, changing patterns of rainfall.

India has 4% of world’s water but 17% of the world’s population. Agriculture takes approx 80% of the available water mainly from ground water with availability of that water shrinking steadily.  Farmers believe the only choice is to dig more and more bore-wells resulting in further depletion of ground water level. This combined with climate change, and the resulting erratic weather patterns is bringing a sharp fall in agricultural productivity and causing devastating impact on farmers’ lives and the livelihoods of those engaged in agricultural activities. Farmer suicide rates are a national disaster with the consequences on their families and communities a far reaching tragedy.

Meeting was held on: March 10, 2021 5:00 pm
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