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Mr. Krishnamoorthy Vijayakumar on "India's first and largest commercial aquaponics farm - Sharing the experiences and economics"

Mr. Krishnamoorthy Vijayakumar  is the CEO of Madhavi Organic Farms in Sakalavara Village,  Anekal, Bangalore, Karnataka.  His areas of interest are Organic Farming, Aquaponics , Sustainable Ecology and Aquaculture . Madhavi Farms is  a 20 acre organic estate and was established on a barren plot of land in 1998. Madhavi Farms chapter is India’s first and largest commercial aquaponics farm in collaboration with Messrs. Water Farmers, Canada . Aquaponics, as the name suggests, is a combination of Aquaculture + Horticulture. They  grow fish in abundant quantities, and use the rich mineralized waste of the fish to fertigate their plants. The entire operation is soil less, uses only 10% of the water that is used in open field cultivation of the same area  and gives an output that is many times more than conventional farming. To know more view

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Meeting was held on: November 5, 2020 11:00 am
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