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Mr. Ankur Anand on “Greenhouse hydroponics cultivation in India”

Mr. Ankur Anand is the Project Head, Hydroponics at  KBC India Pvt. Ltd. in New Delhi.  He says, “greenhouse cultivation is a unique farm practice that involves growing crops in protected structures that are partially or completely transparent. The major objective of greenhouses is to provide optimal growth conditions for crops while also protecting them from adverse weather and pests. Crop production is a high-risk endeavor. The most significant benefit of greenhouse farming is that it allows for effective management and decreases the dangers associated with poor weather. Greenhouse farming, in more literal terms, optimizes growth conditions and protects crops from adverse weather events. Furthermore, some types of greenhouse farming (greenhouses with controlled heating & cooling; soilless) allow farmers to extend the growing season or even grow crops outside of the traditional growing season. Greenhouses with extra features allow you to have complete control over your crop production, resulting in faster growth and larger yields.

Meeting was held on: May 25, 2022 5:00 pm
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