Question What are few crops that sell well and are not quickly perishable?


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I’m interested in part time organic gardening/farming.

Currently grow around 1,000 lbs produce annually for my family (includes heavy stuff like melons, squash, potatoes so not that impressive).

I want to expand and try my hand at a farmers market or direct to consumer. But for the first few seasons I’d like to focus on items that I can store in a cool dry place and sell slowly.

I’m thinking that winter squash, pumpkins and gourds, ornaments corn, heirloom potatoes, while not the most valuable can be stored for some time without the need for a cold room like leafy greens require.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
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There are many crops that sell are very good and they are not perishable quickly.
1.) Cabbage:- A vegetable with an amazing shelf life is cabbage. You should avoid washing or cutting your cabbage until you are ready to consume it, as this can cause bruising, which can shorten its longevity.

2.) Lemons and Limes:- lemons and limes can last two weeks when left out and up to a few months when kept refrigerated. The best way to store them in the refrigerator is in a crisper drawer whole. Do not store them in a container as it can make them go bad more quickly.

3.) Carrots:- The best way to keep carrots for longer is by choosing fresh, whole carrots. When in this state, carrots can be kept in the vegetable drawer of your refrigerator for four to five weeks.

There are many more other crops that are not Perishable quickly and if you want to produce your crop in a more effective way then you should also use organic Products.


Hi sir/madam It is better to go cultivation of ground nut OR you can choose medicinal plant cultivation and select only demandable plants that to suitable to your land.

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