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Hi All,
Most of the people are searching about Dairy Farm information. So why can't we Help by giving proper information to them.

1. What is Dairy Farm?
2. Initial Cost of Settingup Dairy Farm?
3. Rate for Cows?
4. Nearby places where already people are running in all the States?
(address and Contact numbers)

5. Instead of giving website to misguide them we can give our contact numbers and properly guide them.

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Dear sir,

NSIC Project Profiles
28000 Ltrs per
Rs. 16 Per kg
S.No Description Amount Rs.
1 Preliminary & Preoperative Expns 1500
2 Fixed Capital 440000
3 Working Capital for 1 month(s) 20200
Total Project Cost 461700
Selling Price
India derives nearly 33% of the gross Domestic population from agriculture and has
66% of economically active population,engaged in agriculture. The share of livestock
product is estimated at 21% of total agriculture sector. The fact that dairing could
play a more constructive role in promoting rural welfare and reducing poverty is
increasly being recognised . Milk production alone involves more than 70 million
producers, each raising one or two cows/ buffaloes primarily for milk production .
The domesticated water buffalo is one of the gentlest of all farm animals ,hence it can
be breeded easily. The dairy sector offers a good opportunity to entrepreneurs in
India. India is a land of opportunity for those who are looking for new and expanding
markets.Growth propsects in the dairy sector are very bright.
Dairy development in India has been acknowledged the world over as one of modern
India"s most sucessful development programme. India is the second largest milk
producing country with anticipated production of about 78 million tons during 1999-
2000. The production of milk products stoood at 3.07 lakh tonnes in 1999-2000.
Production ofmilk powder including infant milk food has risen to 2.25 lakh tons in
1999-2000, whereas that of malted food is at 65000 tons. Off late market for milk
products is showing a steady increase.
Modern and well established scientific principles ,practices and skills should be used
to obtain maximum economic benefits from dairy farming. Some of the major norms
and recomondationtions are: Care full selection of animals, feeding of animals,milking
of animals
NSIC Project Profiles
S.No Description %age Amount Rs.
1 Promoter Contribution 15% 69255
2 Subsidy /Soft Loan 20% 92340
3 Term Loan 65% 300105
Total 461700
i. Land and Buildings Rented 1500 per month
ii. Machinery and Equipment
S.No Description Qty. Rate Amount Rs.
1 Buffellows Nos 20 20000 400000
2 Shed 1 20000 20000
3 Milk testing machine Lum 1 20000 20000
Total 440000
i. Salaries & Wages (per month)
S.No Description Nos. Sal/mon. Amount Rs.
1 Supervisor/Entrepreneur 1 2500 2500
2 Skilled 1 2000 2000
3 Unskilled 2 1200 2400
Total 6900
ii. Raw Material (per month)
S.No Description Unit Qty. Rate Amount Rs.
1 Feed Kgs 2200 4 8800
Total 8800
iii. Utilities (per month)
S.No Description Unit Amount Rs.
1 Power LS 500
2 Water LS 500
Total 1000
iv. Other Expenses (per month)
S.No Description Amount Rs.
1 Postage & Stationery Expenses 500
2 Transportation Expenses 1000
3 Miscellaneous Expenses 500
Total 2000
NSIC Project Profiles
v. Total Working Capital (per month)
S.No Description Amount Rs.
1 Rent 1500
2 Salaries and Wages 6900
3 Raw Material 8800
4 Utilities 1000
5 Other Expenses 2000
Total 20200
S.No Description Amount Rs.
1 Total Working Capital 242400
2 Depreciation @ 15% 66000
3 Interest @ 12% 36013
Total 344413
S.No Description Unit Qty. Rate Rs. Amount Rs.
1 Ltrs per annum28000 16 448000
Total 448000
S.No Description Amount Rs.
1 Depreciation 66000
2 Interest 36013
3 Rent 18000
4 Salaries & Wages @ 40% 33120
5 Other Expenses incl. Utilities @ 40% 14400
Total 167533
1 Net Profit Rs. 103587
2 Percentage of Profit on Sales 23%
3 Percentage of Return on Investment 22%
4 Break Even Point 62%.

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Viswanath B R

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What is a dairy farm

I have just started rearing cows though technically it wont be called as dairy.
I have made several parleys into research institutes and agri universities before starting this.
I am attending a course at national dairy research institute at b'lore shortly .
I shall post more details soon afterwards.

My first feelings and experience.
1. Talk to the local vet and existing dairy owners to identify most suitable breeds for the region.
2. even if you dont have full fledged manger in the beginning you need to have the following
a. adequate water supply storage - atleast 3 days requirements
per cow 50lts for drinking and 100lts for cleaning and bathing
b. adequate supply of green fodder at least 15kgs per cow per day
c. at least 8-10 kgs of dry forage
3 near by milk collection centre from milk unions.

Issues I have faced.
identifying the cows:
1. milk atleast 3 times before deciding if it is not in dry period
2. See all the teats are in good condition and have no lumps and scars on the teats
3. general health of the cow.

labour issues.
People who have knowledge about cows should be there. This is the biggest problem
Generally people boast of knowledge but you find them to be half baked.

Milking Issues.
Hand milking should be done with sufficient care and hygiene.
Udder health is a big issue when it comes to milking cows which gives more milk.

Calculation of yields
I have figured out that on an average if cow gives 4000 lts per lactation it will be profitable considering the labour and the feed cost.

you can take roughly 55% of the yield as cow maintenance cost.
then you need to keep 300 rs per cow set aside for treatments.(medical costs)
avg 1500-1750 per cow for insurance.

Then your labour costs.

If you concentrate only on dairy then its not profitable. you need to do some other agri work so that only 1 dedicated person and other variable labour will spread the costs.

more on later posts



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Dairy farming information.....

Dear Sir,

"Greetings from Dr.C.N.Sant"

Most of the information you need before venturing into dairy Business is already in the following blogs on our site under Blogs

Dairy Farming in India
Venturing in Dairy business
Dairy farming concepts
Dairy farming ; myths & facts
Beliefs in dairy business & 2 more....

Please feel free to contact me for Project Expense Reports ( Project report cant be given without knowing input ( Feeding which forms more than 85% costing in dairy farming) & output ( sale of liquid milk ) costs.

The report ( for a farm size of 25-3000 animals) will be sent FREE OF COST.

Thanking you in anticipation & with warm regards,

Dr.Chandrakiran N. Sant
Dairy Advisor
(Cattle Nutrition & Management)


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Do have a look for a Small Scale Dairy Farm Project Report as per NABARD guidelines which can be customized as per your needs i.e. you can change the number, milk yield & cost of animals, sale price of milk, bank loan rate, repayment period etc. and observe its impact on profitability in the spreadsheet.
Many other Projects are also being developed for progressive farmers. Do let me know if any changes have to be made in the program.
Dr. Vivek Patil
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