Required Wanted Farmers for medicinal plants cultivation under buyback



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interested in medicinal plants contract farming

Dear all,

pl contact us for CONTRACT FAARMING of medicinal plants suitable to your soil.kindly give ur e-mail id/address/phone numbers to our pvt message box.

we provide all necessary arrangements for contract farming.

with regards

Am Joji ,I am agriculture graduate having 10 acres of irrigated agriculture land in adilabd district.
i am interested in medicinal plants contract farming
Plz contact of mail me @ 9866066322,


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Hi Madhav,

Iam planning to start aloe vera farming & my uncle is already existing in dis field, he has around 20 acres of aloe farms ready for pull over. we can give you a regular supply for your requirements if discussed before. We can provide leaves & gel we dont have production unit...

Please advise...If I can get some info contract farming information as well...

Pacific herb

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Guar gum

We want to appoint Taluk or Mandal level “Franchisee” (Attractive schemes- Earn more than One Lakh Rupees (Rs. 1,00,000) in just Two or Three month)

“Guargum” is a product which is made from Guar seeds. Guargum is being used in different industries in India and abroad, but now it is in Heavy demand due to its utility in Crude Oil Industry, these industries have saved 10 USD per barrel by using Gurgum. India is enjoying the top position in production and export of this product in the world market, 80 % of global demand is met by India. Guargum is the top most agri commodity which is exported last year.
Guar is basically Simple, Short & Easy rain fed (depends upon rains) crop and cultivated in Rajasthan & Haryana state, but it can be grown successfully in other states (Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu) also.
We have taken Successful trials of this crop in Vidharbha region of Maharashtra state in rain fed and irrigated conditions in summer. Also have conducted trials in Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu states in rain fed and irrigated conditions, the results were economically feasible.

We are proud to say that we have organized two National Seminar on “Guargum Plantation & Marketing” one at Nagpur on 14 Oct’12 – In the presence of Chief guest Dr Vilas Sapkal, Vice Chancellor, RSTM University, Nagpur, which was attended by more than 120 delegates from 11 states. And second one at Hyderabad (Hotel Fortune) on 11 Nov’12 – In the presence of Dr R S Saini, Chief Agriculture Consultant, Planning Commission, Govt. of India, as Chief Guest. This seminar was attended by more than 250 delegates from Southern states.

Pacific Agro is having its presence in more than 7 states and working along with NABARD, ATMA (agri Dept.) and also interacting with Planning Commission, Govt. of India.
We are also in talk with 3-4 companies for setting up Guargum split/ powder small units for consuming the Guar seed product at local levels in Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Based on our three years extensive work experience in different states on the subject we provide following information---

There is basically four different purpose Guar variety-
1. Green Manuring- for soil fertility.
2. Fodder- for cattle feed.
3. Pod or vegetable – for use as vegetable, and
4. Gum variety- for making edible gum.

Gum variety is having two type-
a) Single stem
b) Multi Branch
Branch variety is having 4 to 5 type as per the crop duration i.e. 85 days to 120 days.

Some variety doesn’t give response to fertilizer and some of them not suitable other than Rajasthan.
So it’s very important to know the variety and its varietal characteristic of the seed before going for commercial cultivation of this crop so that cultivation practice can be done perfectly to get maximum yield.

These seeds look like same and difficult to differentiate for new farmer/grower.
So we recommend only Certified and packed seed for sowing to avoid losses or to be cheated.

Recommended proven Variety for Maharashtra & Southern States- RGC 936, 1017 and HG 563 & 365.
Brief information of this crop.

1. Soil – Light or Medium and well drained soil.
2. Climate- High temp, full sun light and low rainfall.
3. Sowing – After 20 July to 15 Aug ( rain fed) & in February (with irrigation)
4. Crop duration- 85 to 120 days.
5. Seed rate per acre - 5 Kg.
6. Cost of cultivation per acre – Rs. 7 to 8 thousand. Cost of seed- Rs.2,000+ Fertiliser -1,500+ Spray -Rs.500 + Labour ? (as per local or individual)
7. Production/ Yield – 400 to 700 Kg. /acre.
8. Market rate – Rs. 100 to 300/Kg.
9. Profit- minimum Rs.35 to 90 thousand/acre in 90 days.
We provide all concerned services like -
a) Good Quality High Yielding Certified Seed of Gum variety,
b) Technical expert advice for cultivation,(Land preparation to harvesting)
c) Pest and disease control, (Crop Management)
d) Assured “Buy back” support at different places.
e) We also Arrange/Conduct “on field” training and
f) Take up large Cultivation of 50 acres and above.
Coleus Forskohlii/ Pashan bhed/ Patthar chur
Coleus Forskohlii is a Medicinal herb, it is a bushy growing up to 2 feet. The active ingredient is Forskolin which is found in the matured roots (dry & wet) of the plant and extracted by Super Critical Solvent Extraction and exported to Japan, Germany, USA and Russia for drug formulation. We are in contact with big traders and also associated with extraction Units Co. for consuming the dry and wet roots product.
This crop need irrigation and can be sown any time (except extreme climatic conditions). Generally its dry roots are marketed but its wet root also can be marketed, we have buyers for wet roots also. Sandy loamy soil is good for this crop but it can be taken on other soil with little amendment/reclamation and proper management.

Brief information of this crop.
1) Soil – Light or Medium (Sandy Loamy) and well drained soil.
2) Climate- Maharashtra, Gujarat, MP, AP, TN and Karnataka climate is suitable.
3) Sowing – Preferably from July to March.
4) Crop duration- 6 to 7 Month.
5) Planting material per acre - 22 to 25 thousand fresh cuttings (250-350 Kg.) per acre.
6) Cost of cultivation per acre – Rs. 12 to 15 thousand/acre.
7) Production/ Yield per acre – 300 to 600 Kg. dry roots.
8) Market rate – Minimum Rs. 200 & Max. Rs. 350/Kg. (last season Rs.350.)
9) Profit- Minimum Rs. 50 thousand & up to 1,00,000 /acre.
We provide all concerned services like –
a) Elite, Dieses free & High yielding Planting Material,
b) Crop agronomy (Land preparation to harvest) and
c) “Assured buy back” support at different places.
We also take up large Cultivation for more than 20 acres and above.

We advice for-
a) Soil selection, reclamation or amendment for the agriculture projects.
b) Development of the site.
c) Land preparation.
d) Seed/Planting material treatment.
e) Sowing procedure.
f) Fertilizer doses and its application.
g) Pest & Disease control.(Crop management)
h) Harvesting and packing.
i) Marketing of the product at best prices.

Our services-
a) Site survey and project feasibility report.
b) We arrange/conduct “on field” training for this crop.
c) For unemployed youth and diligent personalities we have “Franchisee” model to work in line with our company with least Investment & Risk, we provide them training for Crop cultivation & marketing.
Our contact details- Pacific Agro, Shop No. 2, Wing-3, Rahul complex-1, Ganeshpeth, Nagpur- 440 018.
Off. Ph- 093734 74251, 094059 14624, 094059 14619, 094059 14637.
Web Site- Pacific Herbs| Gloriosa Superba, Vinca Rosea, Coleus Forskohlit,


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Dear Sir,

I have gone through your mail, I am very intrested to take a " Franchisee" for Taluk / Mandal, Please let me know the procedure to take franchisee, and two grow the guar gum, training, price & buyback procedure.

My address

Manjunath. G
Gubbi Taluk
Tumkur Dist
e mail address:

await your reply


Manjunath. G



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I am interested in cultivating Herbal crops, in Arracknut plantation . Please send me your details.



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Dear Sir,

I am interested to take up and also prom ote contract farming. Pl. provide your contact details at hyderabad. Thanking you,,,,,


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medicinal pants cultivation

Dear All,

The new season is going to be arrive with in a short span of time for medicinal plants cultivation.So interested farmers,farming agents about ANDHRA PRADESH,KARNATAKA,ORISSA,TAMILNADU Can Onlythat to who are involving
herbal farming can feel free to contact me on 09866672765,mail me at

This year we are interest to work for this crops:

Aswhagandha,kalmegh,mukuna,gymnima,colious,muskdana,calamus senna....etc.

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Dear All,

The new season is going to be arrive with in a short span of time for medicinal plants cultivation.So interested farmers,farming agents about ANDHRA PRADESH,KARNATAKA,ORISSA,TAMILNADU Can Only that too who are involving herbal farming.our special interest on farm house holders, horticulture croup holders, fruit garden holders like Mango,chiko,gova,coconut...etc.
can feel free to contact me on 09866672765,mail me at

This year we are interest to work for this crops:

Aswhagandha,kalmegh,mukuna,gymnima,colious,muskdana,calamus senna....etc.



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medicinal plant

Hi, we are already established 6 acre amla orchard in organic it is yield. we are interested to sell this amla in medicine purpose please contact. we are tirupur district in tamilnadu
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