wanted agricultural land for lease


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i want around 100 acres agricultural land for lease for 10-20 yrs. pl. contact me :
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soma y

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Can you please send me more details about your requirement like the type of soil, water requirement, labour requirement, location and also the amount you can pay for lease per year


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Land available for Lease

I have agriculture land in :
1 100 acres agri land on road 10 km from Hissar in Haryana.165 km from Delhi.
Land in one square piece. Very fertile agriculture land for all type of crops.
Canal and Tube-Wells irrigated land. Lease rent 30,000Rs per acre/year

2 200 acres land near Bikaner(30km) Rajasthan. Land is very fertile and levelled
There is no problem of water (8 Tube-Wells).Very Suitable for peanuts,
mustard, jeera,gram etc. lease rent 10,000 per acre/year

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