Want 3 inch water pipe for a farm near Marandahalli, Dharmapuri Tamilnadu



We are looking for a medium thickness 3 inch water Pipe,

We require 20,000 feet, we want to buy 1500 feet immediately and if the quality and the price is good proceed with an additional 20,000 feet.

Our Farm is located near Marandahalli, Dharmapuri District, Tamilnadu (about 100kms from Bangalore)

Please quote your price, email me at


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I am glad i can help you. I had purchased 3 Inch pipe - Finolex brand from a direct disputer at Erode and I found the price is more than 20 % less than the big retail stores in city. The only catch is they do not take items back. That means you can not return pipes if any left unused.

You already might be knowing the kg you need for 3Inch pipe.

Selvam Agencies,97 Sathy road, Erode.
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I am sure you might have consulted with an engineer when you decided to go for 20,000 ft water line. As you know, the delivery of liquid or water will get reduced when it travels through a longer pipe line. This is due to the velocity and the friction. So, When water pipe lines are installed, a larger size line is used in the starting point and then reduced to smaller size as it moves on to the end point. There are formulas and tools to calculate the size of the pipe line required to calculate the delivery at the end point per second.

If you need any info, please send me personal message.

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