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Designs and develops equipments and tools to make farming hassle free

“Small tools run on animal and human power are more suitable in the Indian scenario rather than fuel (petrol, diesel and coal) guzzling machinery. Reason being average size of landholdings in India is less than 2 acres and we have a sizeable young workforce. And most important animal and human driven tools are pollution free and its’ production processes and energy sources are cyclic in nature,” says Mr.Vivek Chaturvedi, founder, Vikalp. He hails from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.
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Mr.Vivek Chaturvedi

Mr. Chaturvedi fondly known as Gudda Bhaiya is a businessman turned full time natural farmer and innovator since the year 2004. He is committed to make farming viable and put a stop on the migration from rural to urban India. He is determined to reduce the farming input cost and enhance the production by many folds. No problem can escape from his watchful eyes and creative mind as he develops the simple solution using technology based on common sense. He is a firm believer in the power of local and decentralised solutions. Further he doesn’t believe in patents because, “It is too laborious work and increases the selling cost. If end-users are not able to purchase it due to high cost the technology is waste, invention is waste, time spent is waste!” His son, Mr. Anant Chaturvedi gives a walkthrough to the machinery and equipments created and designed by his father, tools promoted by Vikalp and future plans. Excerpts:
My father believes animal power is an integral element of farming. In our own farm located at 20 km away from Kanpur we do zero-budget farming with the help of animals. We have 24 cattle, a mix of Gir and Sahiwal indigenous breeds. The oxen are used from plowing our fields. The results are phenomenal as two rounds of oxen plowing is equal to five rounds of tractor plowing. It also allows the worms and microbes to live in soil enhancing the crop growth and yield. To further use the animal energy in agriculture he designed and developed a multipurpose pump with his two friends, Mr. Sultan Aslam and Mr. Purushottam Lal Sharma.

Bullock Driven Pump

The pump is driven by two oxen. It does not use any electricity or fuel. The gear box of the pump is designed in a way that it is used for pumping the water, chopping the fodder, threshing and mowing. The pump pulls out upto 25,000 litres of water in just one hour from depth of 150 feet. It has been stated by the experts that if the pump is used nationwide it can save upto 2.5 million liter of diesel every year and shall be instrumental in reducing the pollution.

Panchal Pumps are our associates for manufacturing and supplying the pumps across the country. The pump has also been exported to Africa and is running successfully. The oxen powered pump eliminates use of any external machinery thereby saves tremendously on the farming expenditure.

Bio Gas Unit

The cattle excreta is used for producing the cooking fuel and manure in the low-cost bio gas unit. In the pit the excreta is fed and the pit is covered by a balloon material cloth. It inflates when the gas is formed. It ensures there is no leakage of the cooking fuel. After the process is completed we get nutrient rich manure for our farm. It is absolutely maintenance free and environment friendly.

Biomass Gasifier

Lack of electricity in villages is seen as a major reason for the rural-urban migration and my father has come up with a decentralised local solution, he has installed a biomass gasifier at our farm.

These "mini power plants" can run on any local biomass like rice husk, su-babool, dhaincha etc and can generate electricity from 60 kWh to 500 kWh depending on demand and capacity. While being financially viable, these "power plants" can promote local socio-economic development and give birth to self-electrified self-sustainable villages. Further if electricity is made accessible to rural India at low cost it will make it easier for farmers to process their produce, thereby ensuring higher returns for their crops


It is manually operated tool to harvest wheat and other crops. It improves the efficiency of the farmer by 10 times. It has been designed by Canada based Mr. Alexander Vido and we are promoting this product in India because we know it is in favour of our farmers. It is the best alternative to the presently used tool 'sickle'. Scythe is designed exclusively for Indian farms and farmers. It is light in weight and easy to carry that makes it comfortable for even women to use it without any tribulations. It is priced reasonably to suit the pockets of small and marginal farmers. The life span of the blade in scythe is more than 15 years.

Vikalp is self funded company. It has been thoughtfully upheld as financial independence because we never want to compromise on our vision, ‘To understand harmony/ co-existence in nature and develop such sustainable techniques which fulfill it so as to pave the way for prosperity in family, society and the world and ensure conservation of nature’. All the products have received excellent response. Scythe is being stated as revolutionary tool in farming. We ensure all these tools and equipments are easily accessible by the farmers within the approachable geographical limits.

There are many other tools and equipments in the pipeline. One such tool is “SRI Seeds Dribbler’ for SRI method of cultivating paddy. This process is amazing but it is labour intensive so we have created this tool that will help the farmer to sow the seeds in one acre all by himself effortlessly. The tool shall bring down the seed requirement by more than 70% and the yield would increase by 2 times.

All our efforts are directed only towards one goal, “to make farming viable’. It can be done only by decreasing farming input cost and increasing the yield. These inventions are the stepping stone to achieve this ultimate goal.

(As told to Shweta Dhanuka)

Contact details:
No. 304 Radiance Town, 7/119, Swaroop Nagar, Kanpur – 208002, Uttar Pradesh
Phone: 0512 2555773

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I am facing little difficult with diffective internal structures of dairy farm of 20 cow .how to copup. Plz guide us

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