Technical of 250T Wheat Flour Grinding Machine


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joanna yan

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Technical of 250T Wheat Flour Grinding Machine is simple and esay for users to understand, knowing better of the 250t wheat flour grinding machne technical is more important.In consideration of environment protection requirements, it’s suggested that dry cleaning method which is usually adopted by Europe be used for wheat cleaning process and meanwhile intensive dampener with computer feedback device be used to reach the moisture suitable for milling. The process includes two sievings, two scourings, two de-stonings, two dampenings, three magnetic separatings and multiple air suctions before the clean wheat enters break system. This is to ensure wheat purity. All the equipment is fully enclosed.

In tropical humid areas, 18 hours conditioning time is required for clean wheat before it enters break system; in tropical arid areas, the conditioning time is longer than 18 hours.

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