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M/s. Krishna Engineers and Consultants is an ISO 9001-2015 certified Energy Service Company (ESCO) accredited by BEE, Govt of India and Govt of Odisha, promoting Biomass Fuel Pellets to replace Fossil Fuels in industry and commercial / community units.

We are looking Enthusiastic Entrepreneur for Biomass Fuel Pellet Plant. We will provide Complete Guidance to set up the Biomass Pellet Plant and Marketing Support. We can render our consultancy services for design, drawing, supply, install, trial production and training on turnkey basis The pellet plant is a new type of pellet mill, and is utilized to produce biomass pellet fuel. It can be used to process biomass waste like sawdust, wood chips, straw from plants, corn cobs, corn stalks, groundnut waste, and bagasse etc

What is Fuel Pellets
The fuel pellet is a fuel that generates a sustainable and natural heat. Fuel Pellets are conditioned & compressed form of loose biomass like agriculture residue & Forest waste. Fuel Pellets are most Dependable, Quality consistent, Eco friendly, Renewable alternate fuel for generating HEAT in many forms for many applications in Industrial sector, commercial cooking and even residential sector. It's the only biomass solid fuel, which is free flowing and can be automated and stored as gas & diesel.
Biomass Pellets Can Be Used For
· Commercial Cooking, Heating & Baking
· Industrial Heating
· Residential/Commercial Heating and Cooking

Advantages of Pellet Fuel

· Cost Effective – Usage of Pellets reduces maintenance cost & life of plant increases. Consistent Quality means consistent Heating.
· Market potential for fuel pellet is very large.
· Biomass Pellets are widely used for any type of thermal application like steam generation In boilers, heating purpose, drying process & gasification plant to replace existing conventional fuel like coal, wood & costly liquid fuel like FO, Diesel, LDO, Kerosene etc. Use of Briquettes as a fuel for green energy has shown very promising results.
· Biomass Pellets is a future fuel of the world.

Thanks and regards
Pramod hati
Dear Sir,

Thanks for your interest on biomass fuel pellet plant. Please let us know details about your proposed plant like location, capacity, investment range, raw materials available with its cost etc. so that we can guide you accordingly.

We can render our consultancy service on design, engineering, preparing detailed project report and other technical reports, supply, installation, trial production and training to your personnel etc. for biomass fuel pellet plant. We can also support for the marketing of your biomass pellet.

The charges of preparing detailed project report will be Rs.25000/- plus GST@18% and can be had through email within 7 days.

Thanks and regards

Pramod Hati

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