Solar LED Lantern


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Solar Lantern is a portable, stand alone lighting unit consisting of SPV panel, Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL), sealed maintenance free battery, high effciency electronic circuitry and charging cable. It is available in different modules.

Salient Features

• Aesthetic and light weight portable design
• Non-polluting and eco-friendly.
• Bright but cool light after every charge
• With necessary indications & protections


During the day sunlight falls on the SPV module, the cells on the panel convert solar energy into electrical energy. This electrical energy passes through the electronic circuitry to the battery, which gets charged, and stores the energy. This energy is then available for lighting the fluorescent lamp in the lantern at night.
Application & Uses

• Emergency and / or house lighting, table lamp, camping, patrolling (streets, farms), Hawker / Vendor Stalls, non-electrified remote places : Adult education, mass communication etc.

• Easy and convenient alternative to kerosene / petromax / gas lamps as well as substitute for domestic power connection.

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