Available Saplings of Bird Eye Chilli - Green, White (Ivory), Violet Available


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We can supply saplings of farmer developed, purely natural organic, high quality and high and fast yielding Bird Eye Chillies - Green, White (Ivory) and Violet colour - on made to order basis with advance payment 70%. Minimum Quantity Order: 1000 numbers each or all 3 varieties together.
Price Per Sapling:
Green: Rs. 20
White (Ivory): Rs. 30.
Violet: Rs. 40.
Transport extra. Ex. Kerala state, India. Delivery by train parcel to anywhere in India.
Delivery lead time after booking with advance payment: 50 - 60 days.
Flowering and chilli bearing in 3 months. Each plant can produce 100 gm in 3-4 month and upto 500 gm in 6 months. Harvest every 15 days. Harvest throughout the year. High demand as health food to control blood sugar, cholestrol, obseity etc. Fresh chilli price - around Rs. 200 - 600 per kg. Green dried: Rs 2000 per kg.
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