Salt lick for goat farm(Tamil- Thadu uppu katti)


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Star Lick provide minerals for the individual need of your animal.The productivity of ruminant animals such as cattle, buffaloes and goats is severely constrained by poor mineral nutrition which restrict growth and reproductive rates, and contribute to a high economic loss in flocks and herds. One very effective method that addresses mineral deficiency is mineral block.

Salt, minerals both are indispensable for good health and high productivity. Each animal has an individual salt and mineral requirement, which is dependent on large number of factors: body weight and growth rate, age, pregnancy, lactation phase and milk yield, perspiration and performance. A mineral deficiency manifests itself in a loss of appetite, weight loss, decrease in milk yield, breeding problem, reduced growth and a decline in natural resistance. Some animals even start licking the walls due to decline of good taste.

The normal ration –compound feed and roughage – fulfills the general needs of the animals, whereas mineralised salt licks fulfill the individual need for salts and minerals. Animal licks these blocks as per its body demand.

Dosage and administration

Free Choice

Packaging and presentation
2 kg lick

Shelf Life
2 Years from date of Manufacture

Cotact detail
Star animal Nutrition
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salt lick for goat farm


give the full details for the above product, i need it for my goat farm

let me know the rate, mode of transport and dalevary,payments regarding

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Salt lick for Goat

A specially formulated product designed to meet the salt and trace element requirements of GOAT, A fine-screened salt specially formulated with trace minerals to meet the requirements of Goat. The trace minerals supplement the diet to promote digestion, growth, and maintenance of body tissues, proper reproductive processes, and general well being.

They are perfect for providing an economical, efficient and convenient means of introducing necessary salt into an animal's diet.

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