Article Ramakrishna Thontepu – Horticulturist who provides freelance farming consultation

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Poushali_VMG submitted a new resource:

Ramakrishna Thontepu – Horticulturist who provides freelance farming consultation - Provides consultation aiming to give end-to-end solution to new agri-preneurs

Can you tell us about your background and your journey so far?
Sure. I am an Agricultural BSc graduate from Hyderabad. I have secured my post-graduation in Horticulture, from Australia. I have always had my own aspirations, so, I returned from Australia, and worked for a year in the State Department. I worked for the State Government in the Horticulture Department, Andhra Pradesh. Gradually I bought a 40-acre farm near Mysore. I try cultivating all kinds of horticultural crops – from...
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You can directly contact Mr. Ramakrishna. Click the above article link and you will find the contact address