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Quality Planting Material of Sandalwood - seedlings of for Sale!!!!


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Parvathi Plantations, Bevinahalli are the pioneers in raising quality planting material of sandalwood. Parvathi Plantations have an 6 ha. of sandal based agroforestry model demo plot setup with an MoU with Institute of Wood Science and Technology, Bangalore.

We Guarantee the quality of the seedlings supplied.
Seedlings are raised from the best known genetic source.
Seeds source from our own Parvathi plantations of sandal agroforestry model plot, a demo plot set up by Institute of Wood Science and Technology, Bangalore, for promotion of sandalwood cultivation.

Quality Planting Sandalwood seedlings

Raised in a polythene bag of 5'X8'.
High quality of potting media is used in proper proportion for seedlings.
Seedlings regenerated in scientific manner after training from IWST.
Seedling height 1 feet.

Guidance for planting sandalwood seedlings is also provided.
Visit to sandal based agroforestry model demo plot for the visitors to have personal view is also welcome.
Further information can be obtained

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


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Organized Sandalwood, Organic Mango and Teakwood Farms

Hi All,

I work with Village Organics Pvt. Ltd, a company that was formed by Scientist, biologist and promoters, with an intention to bring back Indians towards sustainable Agriculture.

Few of the project highlights include;

 Maximum Investment Security
 Ethical Plantation Management
 Un-attended Income for Investors
 Sustainable Organic Farming

Village Organics Pvt. Ltd has a vision, ‘ Promote Collective Farming and Sustainable Agriculture among Indians who do not have time or expertise in agriculture management’.

We have managed to keep the investment at rock-bottom prices, manage risk effectively and provide maximum investment security with the help of contributions from renowned scientists and biologists like Dr. H.S. Anantha Padmanabha (IWST), Acharya Muralidhar Reddy (Professor), Mr. S.V.L Prasad, Mr. Srinivas Rao among others.


• Gated farming with in-house swimming pool and bamboo cottages.
• Project being managed by renowned Scientists & Biologists having 40+ years of exp.
• 300 sandalwood, 100 mango and 50 teakwood per acre
• Project approved for claimable insurance of 4.5 crores INR per acre.
• Project planned with all contingency planning such as
1) Organic pest management preparation
2) Rain Water harvesting management system
3) Ground water recharging management.
4) Windmill for alternate dependency on electricity.

• Adaptation of cutting edge technology for crop protection.
• Land ownership in the name of investor giving complete control of investment.
• Minimum investment requires is as low as 3 lakhs.

30 & 60 Months EMI option - EMI - 5000/-

Available in 1200 SqYds, 2400 Sq Yds and 4800 SqYds

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)