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We have 16 acres of land at one place and 7 acres of land at another place. We intend to cultivate these two plots through organic farming methods.

Recently I/we have retired from service and would like to spare my complete time for spiritual practice. Hence we are in search people who can cultivate these lands with pure organic farming practices.

16 acres land with sufficient bore water situated in west godavari district 30 kms. from Eluru, A.P

5 acres- Mango (10 years) and coconut ( 25 years) garden

1.25 acres- Sweet orange (10 years) and coconut ( 25 years) garden

1.25 acres- Teak (7 years) and coconut ( 25 years) garden

8.5 acres- Open land which is used for paddy, maize. can be grown any thing else.

3 nos. Ongole breed milking cows are available. We propose to construct permanent sheds for cows and personnel to live.

Complete power requirements including cooking to be met from Solar Energy.

7 acres land with sufficient bore water situated in Krishna district 10 kms. from Vissannapeta, A.P

4 acres- Mango (25 years) garden

3 acres- Open land which can be used for dry crops like cotton, lemon, guava, Maize, Eucalyptus.

we are contacting you, as you re having experience in cultivating coconut cum mango garden.

If you are interested to take up the project, please let us know or suggest us who can do it for us.

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I need a job as Farm Manager in a farm or plantation


I am 50 years old with very vast experience in many fields and am a agriculture enthusiast.

By qualifications I am Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry and have many diplomas / certifications in computer programming. I worked as General Manager Quality Assurance in Pharmaceutical industry in and around Mumbai. Also worked as programmer / developer / Quality Manager in IT software developement in India and London for TESCO online supermarkets. Worked with a well known Patent Attorney as a Patent Associate in Mumbai.

Since 2007 I am active in Agriculture field. Marketed organic fertilizer in Hongkong and Thailand and worked on Rice bran oil research project for a Hongkong based company. While living in Thailand I also worked and learned Hydroponic and Aquaponic farming. Now I am more interested in Permaculture and Zero budget natural farming (Subhash Palekar Guru's methods). I advocate and practice natural farming based on no tilling, natural fertilizer and pesticides made from cow dung and urine and some household items which makes it a zero cost practice, besides it gives atleast double the production compared to that of the chemical fertilizers and pesticides. I now have plans to integrate all four techniques for fruiting crops which takes longer time for maturity so they can mature in shortest time possible. I am willing to relocate / work anywhere in the world. CV available on request.

I love nature and wish to spend rest of my life near Nature so help me God.

Thanks and regards,

Chandrakant Sawant

Mumbài, India
email: clsawant@gmail.com
phone: +91-9833007239
skype: clsawant@hotmail.com

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