Pre-monsoon agri summit & expo at nashik


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Good monsoon always means a good harvest and brings prosperity to the country. A weak or bad monsoon is always considered as a major setback to the country’s economy and it also affects food distribution system. Last year The country witnessed uncertainty in monsoon and vague climatic conditions, which rendered a heavy losses and raised the issue of food security throughout he country and world.To address challenges and opportunities of upcoming Kharif Season 2010, Human Service Foundation intends to create a forum for dialogue and recommendations on planning and strategies for Kharif 2010. This Event will motivate farmers, producers, researchers, government agencies and all those who believe that better Kharif guarantees a brighter economic cheer to the nation.


•To create awareness about contemporary and emerging technologies.
• To discuss climate concerns & weather forecast.
• To update farmers about initiative of government agencies for kharif.
• Identifying the requirement for the better produce by listening to farmers.

Wide spectrum of PRE MOONSOON KRISHI SUMMIT 2010 will cover & deliberate following topics:

Seeds - As you sow, so shall you reap.

Rain Water - Harvest each drop.

Horticulture – Sour & Sweet.

During last year farmers faced the heavy loss due to natural calamities. The summit invites experts, stakeholders, government officers to elaborate the issues of stumbling block on the path of the development of agriculture & also guide to source opportunities in the challenging situation.

An exhibition is also being organized as a part of the event. Stalls will be available on
first come first serve basis since limited space is available. For further details please contact

Mobile: 9881094456

2/4,2nd Floor Wing No 4, Stadium Complex

M G Road Nashik

Phone: 0253 – 2571069, 2319103

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Pre Monsoon Agri Exhibition

I want to more about the exhibition, what are the stall charges for two days?
and what is the expected number of visitors?

Binay Joshi

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pre Monsoon Agri Summit

Mr. Binay
Thanks for your interest in Pre Monsoon Agri Summit & Expo.

Stall are 5 sq mtr which costs 8000 Rs.

The profile of the visitors :

Farmers, dealers, agri entrepreneurs, Govt. agencies etc.
We are expecting approximately 15000 visitors.

for Booking and other details Please contact:

Dhanya Upadhyaya

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about the dates

Dear Sir,
Can you let us know when is the summit starting and what will be the last date?

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Mr. Vishal,


The Pre Monsoon Agri Summit is a two Day program, 11th & 12th May, 2010

Schedules as below:

11th May

- Innauguration Ceremony
- Special Presentation on policies of Government for Kharif 2010
- Forecasting weather for Monsoon 2010
- Importance of Rin water Harvesting

12th May

- Variety update, Input Management as per influence of Weather during Kharif 2010.
- Cereal, Pulses and oil seeds
- Horticulture
- Cash Crops and vegetables.

Summit has no registration fee for participation.

Exhibition stall participation is charged for the companies.
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