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Dear Friends
Due to over production of Carbon di oxide, our globe is becoming more warmer day by day. In order to control this we need to plant more trees. Often we are planting introduced avenue trees which are soft , not with standing strong winds, not having much utility. Friends please select indigenous Timber yielding trees, medicinal trees and holy trees. You please plant saplings in your own lands and maintain it and also create awareness to your neighbours, friends and relatives and request them plant more trees.

Phyllantus emblica – Nelli - (Bharani star tree) - medicinal tree
Strychnios nux – vomica – Etti - Medicinal tree (Asvini star tree)
Ficus glomerata – Karthick, Krittika star tree) - Fig, atthi maram, - medicinal tree
Syzygium cuminii – (Rohini star tree), medicinal tree - Naaval maram, jamun tree
(Mrigashīrsha Star tree) – Acacia catechu - Karungali maram, Medicinal tree
Punarvasu star tree – Bamboo, medicinal and useful tree
Pushya star tree– Ficus religiosa- arasa maram, Holy , medicinal tree
Ashlesha star tree – Calophyllum inophyllum - ornamental and medicinal tree
Magha star tree – Ficus benghalensis- ornamental and medicinal tree
Poorva palguni – Butea frondosa- polash, kaattu murukku, Flame of the forest
Chithra star tree, holy, medicinal tree – Aegle marmelos - bael, Vilvam
Swathi star tree, marudha maram – Terminalia arjuna - medicinal tree
Anuradha star tree – Mimusops elengi - mahilamaram - ornamental, medicinal, temple tree
Jyeshtha star tree – Wrightia tinctoria -vetpaalai maram - medicinal tree
Moola star tree – Mangifera indica - maamaram, fruit tree, medicinal and holy tree
Dhanista star tree – Prosopis spicigera - vanni maram - medicinal and holy temple tree
Shatabisha star tree – Adina cordifolia - majal kadambu - timber, holy tree
Revathy star tree - Madhuca longifolia - Iluppai maram, Useful,holy medicinal tree

In addition to these trees dasmoola medicinal tree Stereospermum, Gmelina arborea, sirish (vaagai maram), thaandri kaai maram(Terminalia bellirica), poovarasu maram(Thespesia populnea), Vengai maram (Pterocarpus marsupium), Rose wood(dalbergia latifolia) can also be planted. Try to get saplings from near by nurseries, forest department nurseries. I can also assist you in getting saplings.
I wrote a book in Tamil entitled ''Nam valvodu inaindha 100 marangalin payangal", If any body wants a copy contact me. I will send. Cost of it is Rs. 100/-
Plant trees and reserve seats in the heaven.

With best wishes &regards
Dr. Santhan P
Senior Botanist
9620389349, 9444813474
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