Wanted NPK measurement researcher to create new device.


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I am interested to create low cost NPK device for farming which everyone can use to improve crop yield. I am looking for interested people who have the skills, knowledge and time to pursue this. I have done some basic research and found this has huge potential but the current market devices are too expensive or not practical. I am not in a hurry at the same time I do not have lot of time to spare. Anyone who is able to contribute we have to sign up a non-disclosure agreement with mutual protection to the end product value and potential is beneficial to all. This is not also any kind of employment but like joint venture, we could also market the device under different brand names to be independent but it all be for mutual agreement.

I am personally towards a journey into organic farming with no history of farming in my family and collecting my friends to also invest in farming. I live abroad and have seen the potential this device can make to farming.

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Hi, Nice to hear. I am an Instrumentation Engineer, I had field studied the similar concept of low cost Soil Nutrient Measurement technology in 7 year back and interact with more farmer and Experts. There is different way to measure and monitor the soil, crops, climate and so on. Now readily available in market in low cost (1. Fields test kit (Rs 600 -3000/-) 2. Sensor with Electronic module : Rs 3000 - 12000/-). The big challenge is how to improve the soil Nutrient with measured data. we need to focus on different area like soil management, water management, disease management, Crop selection, Environment conditions and so on. The Expert farmers well knew each problem and follow the traditional method to reduce the cost and hands on solutions. In-spite of that our technology need to helps for more accuracy, future predict, better solution and more on. (Technology with traditional Method) Regards, APK

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