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I want to establish with 10 HF/Jersy cow dairy firm in coastal dist of odisha approx 150 km from Bhubaneswar . Every month what will be my expenses and income . Pl suggest i should enter in this business or not.
dairy firm in coastal odisha

Dairy business is the best idea for coastal odisha as marketing facility is very smooth.Dairy business is a long term affair as it is almost impossible to get out of this,Enough space,good water facility,reliable long term workers,fodder,waste disposal,dry animals and veterinarian are the important factors you have to see before entering this business.I have adequate knowledge of dairy business as I was planning to have a dairy but I dropped the idea ultimately.If you feel like you can call me on 09611813311 or write on my e-mail for exchange of ideas.I am not a professional consultant,you need not fear of fees.
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Hi Mr Simanchal Panda,
it would be great for all forum members and wannabe dairy farmers if you tell what made you to drop dairy farming idea
thank you
I am already 62 years old.I was thinking of organising dairy farming on large scale in ODISHA as I have some land and good contacts in that locality who were willing to give their land for folder cultivation apart from tremendous marketing facilities(spot pick up facility).But it is a matter of live components e.g.human beings and live animals which I felt should not be left for management in absentia.I opted for medicinal plants.fodder cultivation options are still open.thanking you,
simanchala panda

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