Need guidelines for shrimp farming in Nellore(Andhra Pradesh)


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Hi ,
Hope all are doing fine.
My self Dharmateja iam from AP,
Every farmer doing shrimp farming in my place but everybody not successful.
It became "Jackpot/luck dependent "
My intention is to achieve a good shrimp farming with less Budget.

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If the farmland has saline water then it must be used as strength. It can be done by setting up an aquaculture farm. In aquaculture either it can be fish farming or shrimp farming. In Andhra Pradesh it is better to do shrimp farming because the conditions are suitable and selling is easy as there are many processing and export company that buy shrimp directly from the farmers enabling them to earn better. Shrimp has high export demand hence is sold at premium price.

Shrimp farming is certainly capital intensive but Government is extending all possible support. To ease the financial challenges faced by the first time aqua farmers, the Federal and State government provide grants to kick start the business. Government is promoting aquaculture by providing financial assistance for initial investment, easy clearance for setting up aqua ponds and subsidized electricity. Farmers are entitled for 75% subsidy for first pond set up, 50% for second pond and 25% for third farm. It is better not to approach banks for financial help because they are not supportive even when they have the provisions for promoting aquaculture.

Success in shrimp farming is definitely not a jackpot win or luck dependent business. It is scientific farming that demands learning, following the thumb rules and implementing the right production practices. After all shrimps are living creatures and must be reared carefully.

Shrimp farming leads to loss for some farmers because they fail to follow the right practices and risk the production by taking some wrong actions. For example they would give more feed thinking with more food the shrimp would gain weight and grow healthy; to increase the salinity in water they would mix salt in the pond water; in case of some health issues of shrimp they would add cow dung. These steps are wrong that would definitely end up in loss. Therefore before starting a shrimp farm it is extremely important to take formal training at government authorized institute or farm to learn the intricacies of shrimp production like 40% of water in the pond should be of reservoir.

In order to bring down the production cost get the best quality shrimp seeds, buy feed in bulk and appoint the technician who ensures the production process is progressing smoothly. One would think I am advising more expenses instead of reducing the cost! Well these are the measures to ensure best production. Shrimp seeds must be bought only from licensed hatcheries and never fall for discounts because best quality seeds will only grow into healthy shrimps. Secondly instead of buying the feeds on credit opt of purchasing in bulk. On credit farmer ends up paying Rs. 75-80/kg for feed where as in bulk purchase the feed cost is Rs. 70/kg. The difference is approximately Rs. 5-10/kg. Now for one acre farm on an average 3 ton (3000 kg) feed is required so if it is bulk purchase by immediate payment farmers saves substantial amount. So production cost is reduced!

Lastly it is imperative to appoint a technician because he can identify the problem during the initial stage itself and prescribe the solution. Thus the issue gets resolved much quickly and the production process is put back on the right track. Farmer saves money on probiotics and his production is secured.

Shrimp farming is profitable if done systematically following the rules and maintaining the right practices. It has to be done with sincerity then all ends well.

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