need advice for selecting good borewell submersile motor



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I want to buy new pumpset for borewell about 720ft depth
suggest how to go for the best one.
My borewell is located in one of the most driest part in tamilnadu. Load in our area is 310 to 480 volts. I dont know the depth at which we have the
maximum yield, in any way we planned to put our pump atleast to 650 feet. I dont know anything about stages! I want motor which gives ATLEAST ONE INCH water flow continuosly during extreme drought period april, may for 3,4 hours. I our people runs motor for 4, 5 hours Planning 5hp motor. In our area people runs motor 4, 5 hours and stops it (when water output is low) for next 2, 3 hours. Every borewell in our area is atleast 650ft depth. During rainy season, it runs entire daytime and giving 2inch of water. Our bore size 6 inches. Help me.


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Good pumps are TEXMO and CRI. Contact the dealers in your district. They are very much aware of the richt pump suitable for your area.