Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

Multi-Modal Interdependent Animal Husbandry Ecosystem Project


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The Multi-Modal Interdependent Animal Husbandry Ecosystem Project.
(Back to the Basics)

In the world of business there always are ups and downs. And a recession could surely hit anytime.

In such a scenario of ups and downs, it is always the best to go back to the basics – The Food Industry.
Food is something which will always be in demand. Food is in demand all across the Globe and the demand surpasses the productivity by a huge margin.
Agriculture sector is encouraged by all governments and are promoted by all means.

Much of the Agriculture production is mainly within the disorganized sector in India.

We hereby have a project that is as highly profitable as any other business project (if not more). Our project combines the basic Agriculture Sector with modern technology, research and modern corporate infrastructure.

This is a multi modal interdependent animal husbandry eco system. The backward and forward integration possibilities of our project are limitless. The financial turnover potential of our project could not be even dreamt in even many of the industrial projects. Moreover unlike any polluting industry, we would be totally supporting the green earth mission and still churning huge corporate turnover and providing large scale employment. While doing that we would also be providing man with his most basic necessity – FOOD.

This is a project where an investment of 1 crore can easily generate turnovers of more than 50 crores a year within 4-5 years with only the flagship component. The initial investment too is flexible and could be negotiated as per the components we use in our initial project which can be expanded from the income generated at later stages.

The flagship/ primary component shall be a Modern Scientifically developed commercial piggery. Yes, this may turn many off. But sky is the limit in case of income potential with a Modern Scientifically developed commercial piggery. Other interdependent components are Aquaculture, Ducks, Chicken, emu, goats & sheep, vegetables etc. which can be added as interdependent support components. Due to the increase in demand of milk and the shortage of supply, Cows could be added as a viable component as well even though not much interdependent.

We hereby seek real and serious investors (or group of investors) who would be available to discuss the project in detail (face to face). You would surely understand that in today’s business world no idea can be discussed over the phone/ mail and moreover the ideas are safe to discuss only after signing a NCND agreement.

We are looking for either an investor who can invest the project as a whole or smaller investors who would like to join up as a team of investors.

For the long term success and survival of the project, everything shall be on paper right from the onset.
We would first sign an NCND agreement (Non Circumvention, Non Disclosure agreement). Then we shall discuss the project in detail and discuss the financial projections.
After this, if we are mutually willing to go ahead, we shall form a proper Company and take things further.

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


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updated resume


PROFESSIONAL PROFILE: Masters in Business Administration, Dynamic, intrinsically motivated, result oriented with overall experience of more then THREE years EIGHT(3.8) month. Selling the products through highly innovative prospective methods through a coordinated team effort and by leading a team of 40 professionals with topography spread to around 4 CITIES.

CAREER OBJECTIVE: Seeking a challenging & rewarding assignment with a growth oriented organization where my skills will be utilized to their full potential, and be responsible for an enviable group of professionals for well being of the organization and myself.


Since Jan 2009 to till date : Right now I working in NET a A.R.M in Abohar.


Since Dec 2008 to Aprail2009 I was worked with Reliance Life Ins.Co. as a ASM in Alternate channel.

Designation: Sales Manager

Responsibilities Held: Handle Broker’s (RCS, R.Money & Unicon)
and recruitment of PFC, create Distributors & Corporate agent’s also.

Since Sept 2005 to Nov2008 I was prior worked with INDIA INFOLINE LTD. as a Cluster Manager in Ludhiana,Amritsar,Khanna & Patiala since September 2005 to Nov 2008.

India Infoline Ltd (Investment & Distribution ) is the corporate channel of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

• Products:-I was to sell many types of Financial products like Mutual Fund, Credit Card, Demat Account & other services of ICICI Prudential.
• Sales Promotion:-I was to promote the products and try to manage them in market. I also have to sell these products on directly basis.
• Secondary Selling:-I was to find the customers direct and through of channel basis like sub broker ship, Personal references etc.
• Team Handling:-I was to handle a team of Four Sales Manager and also give them business targets and try to fulfill these targets also including mine.
• Services:-To give the satisfactory services to the present customers and identifies new customers
• Corporate Agents:-Managing Corporate(Cover the CTC)te Agents & drive business through them.

• Won 2 Times BANGKOK TRIP
• Won the Best Performer Appreciation letter’s Three times.

• Branch Handling
• Man management.
• Training of Employees of Corporate Agents.
• Business Planning.
• Launching of different contest.
• Man Power Recruitments for Corporate Agents.

• MBA from Punjab Technical University
• M.Com. from Khalsa College Sri Ganganagar Ajmer University.
• B.Com From Khalsa College Sri Ganganagar Ajmer University.

• Basics, M.S. Office
• ‘O’ Level

• Creative instincts, Optimistic, Determined & Courageous with a specific purpose in life.
• Can manage & succeed with minimum resources.

Father’s Name : S. Jaswant Singh Pruthi
Father’s Occupation : Retrd, Officer from C.C.I as a Asst. Mgr.
Permanent Add. : H.No 1188, St. No.8, Old Suraj Nagari.,Abohar
Interests and Hobbies : Net surfing, Interacting people, having interest in Traveling and Watching movies
Date of Birth : Nov-06-1980
Language Known : Hindi, English & Punjabi
Marital Status : Married
Current CTC : 336000+Reimbursement+Incentive
Expected salary : Negotiable
Declaration I have by confirm that the information given in this Resume is true to the best of my knowledge. In case any error or omission is found at a later date I shall be liable for consequences.
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Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)