medicinal herbs


Wanted reliable growers to cultivate the following herbs
Kalmeg-Andrographis paniculata (Tam– siriyanangai,Kan- nilabevu, kalmeg, nelavemu)1.5 tons/acre in 1 year - multiple harvest. Rs. 30-40/kg (Cost of seed Rs 350/kg) july

Tulsi– Ocimum 2-3 tons /acre/year/ Rs 20-30/kg dried leaves(Cost of seed Rs150/kg) - Cultivation can be started now itself

Coleus forskohlii patanchur, magandi beru
– 500-600 kg per acre in 6 months Rs 100-150/Kg(Cost of Cuttings Rs 2000/acre) -july

[COLOR="YellowGreen"[COLOR="Sienna"]]Asparagus racemosus - shatavari[/COLOR] [/COLOR]- 2 years . 2- 3 tons. Rs 80/kg dried tuber
these are fast moving raw herbs, if we show more care to it , it will take care of us and give good returns, Thank you


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medicinal plants

Dear Sir
we are looking into medicinal plant cultivation in surplus land in ourown plantations, please let us know the details and buy back schemes, etc. Please mail
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Dear sir,

I have 50 acres of land with 6 feet high stone fencing in Alwar (Rajasthan). Soil ph is around 8 and water ph is 6.9 , EC-0.99.


Medicinal Herbs- Cultivation.

In Rajasthan climate Senna (Cassia angustifolia) is possible which is having good marketing potential.You try Kalmeg, Tulsi. santhi panchang, aloe vera etc.
Please contact..
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