Jatropha Plantation

We provide complete solution for the Jatropha plantation from the supply of the Jatropha seed, Jatropha planting material, consultancy for the farm management and the hundred percent buyback.

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Jatropha Plantation is not profitable till.....

Please contact for the Jatropha Plantation...
The economics of Jatropha Plantation is not good. After 3 to 4 years the maximum yield in dry condition is 1-2 Q. In irrigated it goes up to 5-8 Q. The rate is now 10-15 Rs./kg.
3000Rs/acre in dry land & 12000Rs/acre per year is not sufficient to makeup even production cost ! Apart from this, Insect / pest attack is also there !
So the advice for farmers is just wait to go diesel rate higher & higher. Then only Jatropha Plantation will be profitable.
It is long term investment specially for the wasteland. where the opportunity cost of other product is very low. It is suited for the minimum natural resources...

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