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I am planning to purchase a milking machine for my dairy farm. From experienced members here, may I know the difficulties or challenges of using milking machines in terms of -
- daily to day operations, operability
- parts, and spare replacements
- practical effect on cows, yield etc

which manufacturers of milking machines do you recommend ?



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milking machine

Infection will not happen because of milking machines. If you are not cleaning the machine properly, I mean the milking cluster with lukewarm water and dairy alkaline detergents in it, infections can happen. Udder cleaning before and after milking is important in hand milking & machine milking. Teat dipping is recommended using iodine based teat dips, after milking. Avoid water logging and gutters where cows lie down. Floor to be kept clean. Only in India, hand milking is still practiced. In the middle east, USA,UK,Australia, New Zealand, China,Turkey and all European countries you will see milking done by machines only. Select machines with alternate pneumatic pulsation (pneumatic pulsators, with opposite teat pulsation, oil free and not outdated very old technology machines with piston type pulsator)


Will there be any problem to cows/ buffaloes like infections/ blood coming if milk machines used.
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I will suggest to go with the using of milking machines for 6 days in a week and one day with hand so that, cows will not get adapted to the machines. Moreover, clean and infection free teats can be maintained with the cows. As long as you clean the machine and use it, the life will be long and does not needs a replacement.Focusing on yield, it will never go down unless the milk stops it production, also no blood will be coming out of this.

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