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IPB-9 CALINA Papyaya.jpgIPB-9 Variety Cultivation at my Farm..jpg IPB-9 CALIFORNIA is the latest Commercial Hybrid Papaya Hemphodrite (Bi-Sexsual) Variety been cultivated worldwide. Presently it is been cultivated in major Papaya growing countries like Brazil, Chile, USA, Australia & countries of South East Asia & Sub-Continent. This variety was researched & developed by California Agriculture University, USA. But in recent years some growers & seed breeders from Malaysia & Indonesia brought its Seeds from Country of Origin (USA) and changed its name from IPB-9 California to IPB-9 Calina. After its excellent results in Field-trial & Cultivation Plot in major papaya growing countries it became the first choice of the Farmers & Growers worldwide in a very short time.
Advantages & Characteristics of IPB-9 Calina (California) Hybrid & Dwarf Commercial Papaya Variety Farming:-
  • Plant Type: Dwarf & Hemphodrite (Bi-Sexsual). All plants bear fruits. No issue of non bearing Male Plant (as in Research Indian Varieties).
  • Avg. Fruit Size: 2-2.5 Kgs.
  • Pulp/Flesh Colour: Reddish Orange.
  • Brix % (Sweetness): 14%.
  • Keeping Quailty & Shelf Life: Good & Very Firm. Excellent Shelf Life (Doesn't degrade or become soft quickly after ripening). Suitable for Distant Transportation.
  • Yield: Early & Heavy Yielder. First Harvesting start from 6th Month from Transplantation & Avg. production per plant- 85-90 Kgs.
  • Seeds/Saplings Requirement per Acre Cultivation: Require lesser Seeds just 25gms. (Minimum-1500 Seeds) for making Nursery of 1000 Saplings for per Acre Cultivation.
  • Disease Resistance Capability: Genetically more Disease Resistance Capabilities against Mosaic Leaf Curling Virus & Ring Spot Papaya Virus. As well as Collar-Rot/Root-Rot Fungal Disease Resistance Capability then any Taiwanese or Indian Research Varieties like eg.- Red Lady, Sapna, Pusa Nanha or Madhubindu etc.
  • Market Potential & Scenario: Fetches more Wholesale Rate in then any Commercial Varieties like eg: Red Lady, Sapna or Pusa Nanha due to its Excellent Shelf life & Bigger size fruits.
For more information & feedback regarding Commercial Papaya Farming Contact Us-
Firoz Hassan Khan. Horticulturist & Agro Project Consultant.
Green Farm Organics, 130, Leader Road,
Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh-211003.
Mbl.- 9559944441 & 9795495543. WhatsApp No.- 9235361686.


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Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)