Info required about using over head tanks for drip irrigation


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I am trying to set up drip irrigation in our land. Instead of using electricity every time, i want to use over head tanks, so that we can pump water to the tanks and from water is sent to the drip pipes on gravity.

Our land is 20 acres and constructing one big tank at 40-50 ft will be too costly. So i think it can be set up as multiple tanks using sintex 3000 or 4000 litre tanks at a height of around 10 ft.

I have a few questions
1)On a plain land, if a tank is at erected at 10ft above ground, to how far the pressure will be available on drip pipes?
2)Can we erect 3000 or 4000 litre sintex tanks to 10ft using 3 or 4 iron poles? Will it bear the weight?
3)Has anyone done or seen a set up like this? Do you know any operational issues in that?

Please share your thoughts.


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hats off to your innovation.don't ask suggestions try to erect the tank on your own whether 3 or 4 poles see the economics involved and u will succeed


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Hello Mr Smrsraja, what is your farm status now, have you installed drip irrigation with overhead water tank, please share your experience. Thanks in advance

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