Question How to get resources after I cleared my farm land?


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what's the location? If there is enough water, grass would keep coming... how much area do you have? can you send some pictures so that we can reply appropriately?
Agriculture is a spiritual work and the result or end product is "Prasad''. Farming is not a "game" like cricket or rummy. You must consider your land is your mother, who pays everything you need including money and peace of mind. You have made a mistake that destroyed all inhabitants at a time. In future, receive advice from Krishi / agriculture officers and from senior farmers.
In future, you have to find out your required resources from your farm and from your village. Before that try to learn, understand and practice farming from an expert and experienced farmer nearby you.
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Dear Sri Tezas57,
Up root the jungle and level the land in uneven areas and undertake deep ploughing of the field to avoid subsequent growth of plants and weeds

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