Question How to get a loan for goat farming


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Dear All,

Please guide me and help me to start the new goat farm & fish or prawns farm.

I have 10 acres of agriculture land with underground water facility in andhra pradesh.
land value is 25 lakhs can i get bank loan to start this farms.

waiting for your valuable reply.

please reply to :
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It is a good question to be discussed here and I am appreciating your interest in the farming, development of these goats, Prawns, and fishes. Let me help you with steps to get the loan. National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development which was set up by RBI. NABARD is dedicated to helping people who are dependent on agriculture as the main source of income. Apart from this, NABARD also helping directly and indirectly the agriculture sector by providing many subsidy loan schemes to the rural population.

The subsidy may vary to general category to reserved category. The goat subsidy amount varies from 25% to 35% of total cost of goats or goat project. The Subsidy may be applicable to shed construction, feed cutter, milking equipment and other things mentioned in the project report.

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