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ALLLURED HINDFRAG[AHF] is an ingredient supplier. We manufacture & supply Essential Oil.Herbal extracts, cosmaceuticals , Food ingredients ,Nutritional fine chemicals and Spices. *
If you are looking for an ingredient, please write to us. we will support in supply chain with best competitive price and superior quality. *

Herbs Botanical Extract : We ar Strong in
Ashwagandha upto 5%
Boswellia Extract upto 65-85%
Colues Extract 10-20%
Curumin Extract 95%
Tribulus Extract 40%- 60%
Shatawar Extract 20%,40%
Guggle Extract upto 2.5%
Green Tea Extract 90%
Senna Extract up-to 60%

If you require any further information / clarification it will be our pleasure to
submit the same promptly
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