groundnut cultivation


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can anybody tellme i'd planted groundnut but coz of recent rains at andhra it is not grownup can anybody help seeded twenty days ago

kirti s

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Hello sir,
now rains have stopped improve your land drainage system by proving drainage, apply fertilizers and mannures fresh it was eroded in rains. and if any pest and disease do take care which will improve your ground
Diseases and insect pest control
Diseases/ Pest
Symptoms Control
Early leaf spot
Cercospora arachidicola

Leaf spots with yellow rings ,Use recommended fungicides,
Late leaf spot
Cercosporidium personatum Black colour leaf spots
Puccinia arachidis Orange colour pustules can be seen on lower surface of the leaves
Stem rot
(Southern blight, Root rot, Sclerotium rot, Sclerotium wilt)
Sclerotium rolfsii - Sudden wilting of a branch which is completely or partially in contact with the soil
- Leaves turn brown and wilt
- White coating of fungus myceliyum is formed near the soil level
- Sclerotia of mustard seed size appear on the infected areas
- The entire plant may killed later
- It is needed to treat soils and seeds chemically
- Crop rotation
Bud Necrosis Disease (BND)
(Tomato spotted wilt vires) - Necrosis of the terminal bud
- Plants stunt
- Leaves formed on the axillary shoots show wild range of symptoms, reduction in size, distortion of limina, mottling, chlorosis - Plant time is important. Late planting may be a cause for disease
- Vector control is needed
- Leaf eating caterpillars
- Termites
- Thrips
Use recommended pesticides

* N - 30 kg/ha
* P2O5 - 45 kg/ha
* K2O - 45 kg/ha

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