Grape Growing in Australia


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Grape Growing in Australia


This is the replacement for March 2010 edition of Grape Growing in Australia

About this Industry

This Industry Market Research report provides a detailed analysis of the Grape Growing in Australia industry, including key growth trends, statistics, forecasts, the competitive environment including market shares and the key issues facing the industry.

Industry Definition

The Grape Growing industry consists of businesses mainly engaged in growing or sun-drying grapes. Grape growers purchase raw materials such as herbicides, pesticides, bird nets and irrigation systems and grow grapes for crushing for wine making (which are sold directly to wineries) while also selling table grapes whole to fruit wholesalers and retailers. Some of the grapes are also dehydrated or dried for packaging as sultanas and sold to consumers via grocery distributors.

Report Contents

The About this Industry chapter provides general information about the scope of the industry such as an industry definition and a list of the main activities of the industry.

The Industry at a Glance chapter provides a brief snapshot of the key indicators of the industry such as industry revenue and forecast growth rate.

The Industry Performance chapter covers the following: Executive Summary, Key External Drivers, Current Performance, Industry Outlook and Industry Life Cycle. The Executive Summary section is a brief summary of the overall chapter. The Key External Drivers section looks at the key factors outside the control of an individual business that determine the industry's performance. The Current Performance section provides analysis for the industry over the past five years with key performance indicators discussed. The Industry Outlook section is a key analysis section of the report and outlines expectations for the key industry indicators over the next five year period, including forecasts. The Industry Life Cycle section provides a discussion of where the industry is at in its life cycle and how that is affecting industry performance.

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