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Material: Agro stalks / bamboo/wheat straw/rice husk/sugarcane bagasse
Pellet Size: Ø 60-90 mm
Power: 18.5/22 Kw(main motor)
Capacity: 210-500Kg/h
Gurantee: 2 years
Application: Press the low bulk density biomass materials into high density fuel briquettes.

Charcoal Briquette Machine
Charcoal briquette machine is designed to press the low bulk density biomass materials into high density and energy concentrated hollow fuel briquettes by high temperature and high pressure technical process. The moisture of residue materials should be below 12%.

Charcoal Briquette Machine Features
★Featured with simple structure, convenient operation, small size, covering little space, labor saving and power saving.
★Equipped with automatic electric heating device, the material humidity can be adjusted at all times to ensure the molding effect.
★The main parts of the machine are made of wear resistant material with specific treatment that can ensure continuous production and durability.
★Suitable for pressing various biomass materials, low power consumption and high production efficiency.
★Enlarged screw pitch can increase the feeding amount and improve the yield.

Why Use the Charcoal Briquettes?
◆Smokeless: the charcoal briquettes burn without any smoke during ignition and burning.
◆Low Ash content: minimum residual ash is formed.
◆Longer burning hours: two times longer burning hours compared to wood charcoal.
◆Sparkless: these charcoal briquettes will not produce sparks as compared to wood charcoal.