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About System: This method has under gone a revolution in the recent years. In the past it was unaffordable to achieve efficent cooling in the greenhouses for the commercial grower in India. With advances in technology we have introduced this method of cooling in India. This method of cooling is very versatile and has application in many
industries. In the greenhouse this brings the temperature down drastically. We hope to retrofit all existing structures with this system. The energy required to run this system is low and lends itself to use solar power with ease.

This is a high pressure system that creates very fine water vapour which does not wet surfaces. The current misters installed in most polyhouses discharge a large volume of water which keeps the crop canopy too wet. This creates a favourable condition for harmful plant pathogens. The humidity levels shoot up to an undesirable level almost
choking the plants. This reduces yields which translate to losses for the producers.

The dry humidity fog as the name says does not wet surfaces or the crop canopy. This is why it is so versatile. These systems are being installed in offices, shop floors, poultry farms, dairy farms, temporary marriage halls and many other indoor and outdoor spaces.

This is a very cost effective method of cooling spaces.

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