Advertising Contract farming of Medicinal and Aromatic plants

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If you are looking for expert guidance for cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants, you may please contact us. We do comprehensive technical feasibility study of your project in context with your soil and agro-climatic conditions prior to recommend any agri activities / crops for your farmland and also provide site-specific packages of cultivation along with assured buyback.

We provide comprehensive package of our consultancy services for MAP cultivation, processing, value addition and marketing. In our service package, we provide-

1. Expert site visit and complete site assessment and planning
2. Preparation of technical feasibility report (TFR) for your farmland
3. Recommendations for best suitable medicinal plants specifically for your site
4. Implementation of recommended cultivation models on the projected farm site
5. Site-specific package of practices for recommended crops using precision farming techniques
6. Technical key inputs, all tips & tricks for best production and consultancy for entire crop cycle
7. Assured buyback and facilitation for export.

For detailed discussion about your project, you can write to us

Thanks and best regards

Dr Ubaid Khan
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Dear Dr. Ubaid,

Do you have training programmes in maharashtra for aloevera and ashwagandha.


Satish Duvedi
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Hello Mr Satish

Sorry! At present we do not have any provision for farm trainings in Maharashtra. However, we can guide you upto that level where you get more than a 2-3 days farm training programme. We conduct paid one day counseling session for 6-8 hours online via skype and at our office for individuals where we educate our clients with all aspects related with pre- and post- requisites of particular crop production, all pros and cons, market aspects and everything what a newcomer should know prior to plan any agri project.

With best regards

Dr Ubaid Khan
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New Member
Dear Mr. Ubaid

could your please advice me to start a Farm for Aloe vera & medicinal plants for NRIs.

Best Regards

Sajeev karunakaran


Hello Mr Sajeev

Ofcourse we can advice you the best for your farm(s). Please contact me

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