China Crop Protection Webinar Free!

Forthcoming Free Webinar on Crop Protection in China
Crop Protection China Market: Opportunities and Challenges​

A forthcoming free webinar will be held by CCM International Ltd., a Chinese market research company with ten-year efforts in providing customer-oriented consultancy regarding agriculture, food additives, chemicals and energy, etc. This webinar will be held online at 18:30, Beijing Time (GMT +8) on Thursday, April.28, 2011.

This webinar will focus on the following subtopics:
--Increasing demand on crop protection products
--Integration of pesticide industry
--Development of patent-expiring products
--Producers’ strategy to focus on domestic market
--Seed treatment
--Priority to environment protection
--Overcapacity of glyphosate
--Soaring costs of raw materials

The webinar and monthly Crop Protection China News will be of great help to gain better understanding of companies' current dynamics and market situation, identity commercial opportunities in China's market and make wise decisions with our close watch of government policies and regional dynamics.

Space is limited, please register into this webinar from here.

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