Can i buy agriculture land ?? Your advise needed


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I am from Bangalore,Karnataka. I want to buy a agriculture land near Tumkur.
My mother is from farming background and has a land near shimoga. I dont have pani in my name and i am a software engineer.

I want to buy agriculture land for farming purpose in my mother name and include my name during katha.

my question is,

1) Can we buy a land in diffferent district because i am not staying in tumkur will it be a problem leagally ?
2) House family income is more than 2L as i am staying with my mother, will this be a problem ?

Please advise and Thank You.


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You can buy land in any district, that is legal.
There is no condition of income when iy comes to buying land with own money. So you can buy land.


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Thank You , Sir. Just one mor question does the income comes into picture if we go for loan or under what condition, because when i search in google always i see that family income should be less than 2 L.

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