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Hi everyone,

I am Prasad looking to step into Agriculture. I do not know a b c d of agriculture and I am 30 years old. I have a land of 10 acres in 100 km radius of hyderabad.

I saw the threads who concentrate on production of any products but there isn't any platform for selling products. For instance, everyone talks about aloe vera production but there is no information on buyers. Like wise farming, milk products. I know people at some point sold milk for 12 rs per liter because of over production or false market strategies. This is for low level investment and I don't know how red sandal investers are selling the produce.

I am looking forward to spend money,time, effort and risk it to step into agriculture to gain profits in long term (not short term ).

Can anyone suggest any products with less manual effort? I would purchase a tractor to start with and would like to invest as the time goes.

Are there any govt or private agri institutions who offer buy back garantee farming policy in India?


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Dear Prasad,

We are working as contract farming model in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Orisa Bihar & Jharkhand. Our business plan gives you returen of minimum 5 lakh per anum per hectare for first three years than it will rapidly grow 10 lakh per anum per hectare. If you are willing to discuss please msg me at ksanjaysingh at hotmail dot com or you can call me skype ksanjaysingh . My cell no is 8083989990

sanjay singh

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Dear Sanjay Singh,
Please mail complete details of your plan, supports you provide including system of buy back or other marketing strategies, and climatic and other conditions required, investment required per acre etc.
We have clients with large areas of lands all over Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa, Andhra Pradesh etc, interested in such an income assured proposal for farming.

Please mail details to:
Responsible Property Management Network,

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