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Azolla (Azolla sp.) is an aquatic fern consisting of a short, branched, floating stem, bearing roots which hang down in the water. The leaves are alternately arranged, each consisting of a thick aerial dorsal lobe containing green chlorophyll and a slightly larger thin, colourless, floating ventral lobe.


Azolla contains 25-30% protein, 14-15% fiber, 3-4% fat, 45-50% carbohydrates, minerals and many micronutrients were available.


1. More shallow standing water ponds, paddy / rice nursery

2. Cement tanks.

3. Silpanulin seat spreaded cavity method


10 feet long, 2 feet wide and 1 feet deep concrete tank spread with 25-30 kg of soil with this mix 5 kg of decomposed dung, with this soils of gravel quarry or well soil @ 100g could be added. Keep the water level up to 5 cm. in this add 5 kg of Azolla within two weeks we can collect 35-40 kg Azolla.

Once in ten days pour the cow dung slurry


Production of 1 kg Azolla costs about 0.75 paise only. When Azolla is used as feed it could be mixed 1:1 proportion with concentrates and fed to the cattles. After familiar with this, mulching cows will started to consume Azolla alone. One kg of Azolla equal to 1 kg of oil cake. For mulching cows 1-1.5 kg, white pigs 1-1.5 kg, Goat 300-500 grams, Rabbits 100 grams and 25-30 grams of Azolla for chickens might be given to these animals.

Approximately 15-20% increase in milk production in dairy cows, in addition to this

increase in cholesterol and also cholesterol free solids enhanced the milk quality. Azolla feeding chickens showed increase in body weight and size of the egg. Further, egg yolk seems to be dark in colour. So production of Azolla under Integrated farming system is not only gives income and also protect the environment

Giving azolla to farmers:

Demonstration to farmers:


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Ms. S.Syedammal - B.Sc., (Hons) Agriculture
and Dr. B. Guna , Associate Professor(Agrl. Extension ). Nalanda College of Agriculture, M.R. Palayam, Tiruchirapalli.

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Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)