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The asparagus is cultivated for its tender shoots, commonly know as spears. It starts yielding sizable crop after about three years and with good cane gives an economic yield for about 10- 15 years. The yield goes on increasing ( or 6-7 years, then remains uniform up to about 12 years, after which it gradually declines. The best quality is obtained from the fourth to tenth year. It is considered to be a good diuretic and is used especially in chromic dropsy and chronic gout. It was known to the romans as a medicinal plant and then as a vegetable. The age of transplanting is one year seedling or crown. These plants which have a good growth and branching should be selected. The crows are dug up from the nursery at a depth about 20cm. the rows are spaced at about 1.5 to 2 m and 45 to 60 cm distance is kept within the rows. Asparagus can also be planted at the base of trees in forestry.
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