Aromatic Oil (RRL-CN-5) Project, Practical Demo

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This project is managed by Pacific Agro, Nagpur, under the supervision of Dr Ashok Shahi (, Scientist, RRL Jammu, CSIR who has developed RRL-Cn-5 Aromatic grass variety.
“Seeing is Believing”
Pacific Agro, Nagpur invites Farmers, Farms owner, unused/Barren land owners and Entrepreneurs for the “Practical Demonstration” of Aromatic Oil “RRL-CN-5” Project. We will show the cultivation of RRL-CN-5 Aromatic grass and explain to convince the grass/Herbage production/yield per acre i.e. 20 to 25 Ton. We will cut the CN-5 grass and show the practical demonstration of Distillation and measure the distilled oil so as to assure the oil recovery which is above .5% i.e. 5Kg. per Ton of grass.
This demonstration will be arranged on prior appointment.
Palmarosa grass is source of Geraniol and in high demand due to its shortage, RRL-CN-5 Aromatic grass is substitute and best option for Palmarosa grass as it contains Geraniol 60 % (it is less than palmarosa but herbage 20 Ton and oil recovery .5% is more, kindly visit our web site for comparison)
Note- Authentic and best quality planting material with complete consultancy along with Marketing of produced Oil is available

We want to buy Old or not in use Distillation Plants please contact for sale.
For detail please call-Pacific Agro - 094228 81280, Write-, Visit- . Dr Ashok Shahi- [email][/email][/url[/url[/url
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