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Dear Sir,

I have amla around 1 ton quantity. We have our farm in vellore district, tamilnadu. In the local market, amla is not selling for good rate. Their asking price is less than Rs.10/kg. Can any one please suggest me how to sell it for a good price. We have some more amla but which is yet to ripe. (that will come another 1 ton I predict). I was asked for Rs.20/kg in bangalore market but if I consider the transport, etc., there wont be any margin.

I am open for preservation process also. I yet to research on the same. Can any one help me providing the buyer details or any good thoughts? I appreciate your help on this. Thanks in advance for your help and support.

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Dear Sir,

If you are ready to offer seedless amla, I can introduce you to a party in South.

Please reply


P N S pillai
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