Agri land in low price



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Dear friends

i have 200 acre land in Madhya Pradesh for sale @ 70k/acre
this land is most suitable for all type agricultural ,horticulture, & allied agriculture
activity with ground water, road connectivity, cheap labor Electricity.
This land is connected by river.

For more detail of land & farming
cell 09424308990


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Agl land

Mr. Gaurav, I am interested. Can you give location of the land. Moreover will you sell 10-15 acres? Moreover I wanted to know that I am a resident of Jharkhand, can I purchase agl land in MP. Please mail
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Hi Gaurav,
I am interested in buying around 10 Acre cultivatable land in MP with good water facility.Please let me know the details of location of the land. When can I see the land?
Warm Regards
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interested in buy land around 200 acres
send details of agri lands that you have
need good level of water
capable of bore well
need cheap land
if you have other sizes of landes like 150-250-200-350-500
send details
with location ,price
need bulk with chepest prices
no issues of location bore well capacity is needed
need for agriculture
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