Question Agar wood farming at Srikakulam-Dist, Andhra Pradesh


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I need information about agar wood farming at Srikakulam-Dist, Andhra Pradesh. Kindly Suggest
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Agarwood is not economical so far. there are many farms raising Agarwood trees in south-east Asia. There are 2 types of agar, natural and man induced Agar. There is ifinite quatity of man induced agar plantation in the south east asia and india too but it doesn't hold value, on Indiamart many are selling Man induced agar at Rs.45-50 thousand but not many buyers. But if you have natural agar formation in your tree then the price will be whatever you decide it to be and will still have customer. But rarety of natural agar formation and no value of the tree's wood makes it very risky. agar will grow on most place in india no worries but agar formation is a challenge you can get the fungus from agriculture department if u want to self induce agar formation in the tree though. Good customer base in UAE, China, Japan, Korea now even luxury purfume brand are starting to use Oud to make premium perfume.


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So far not successful in Andhra Pradesh, farmers from North India have share their experience

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