40 Acres land free for use



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40 Acres of agriculture land available free for use. 2 wells are available in the land. Suitable for agricultural cultivation purpose. Connected with State Govt. road. Interested Individuals, farmers, entrepreneurs, agriculturists, NGO, Self-Help Groups, MNC, Joint Venture Company, Venture Capital Company, contract farming company, Agriculture Colleges, Bio-Technology Colleges, Herbal medicine Growers, Innovative project leaders, Bio-mass producers, any other wants to make GREEN SURROUNDING etc. may contact
G.Sankar, Rajapalayam
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Loving greetings.
Thanks for your information on 40 Acres land free for use.
I am interested in using the land.
Can you kindly provide me with further details
Thanks a lot.
Philip Benis
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i am interested please

kindly send me your contact details and i will directly talk to you.Please contact...
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40 acres of land

Land: 40 acres of land in one block
Location: Alangulam of Virudhunagar Dist., Tamilnadu. 3 KM from Alangulam Cement factory. Land is in main road.
Ownership: land ownership (single owner)
Soil: Black soil with water non stagnant
Present crops: Nil
Plants /crops grown in the area: Maize, gingelly
Water source: Two wells
Distance from nearest railway stn: 20 km from Rajapalayam Railway station.
Specific Terms & conditions. Land will be given for use upto available.
Other terms negotiated
Land will not be given for long term utilization.
Contact details with your idea of plantation.

Please contact...
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