20 acres of Flush Green Land for Sale near Shimoga-Sorab


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Owner: Umesh Hegde Unchalli (Real Estate and Industry),
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Site Good for: Investment, High tech floriculture, Residential school, Research institute, corporate rest / guest houses, Jungle lodge / resort etc.

Site Location: Sy.No.-15 & 14. Shimoga District, Sorab Taluk, Kerekoppa Village on Sirsi-Banavasi-Sorab- Shimoga road.

Site Area: 19 Acre and 12 Guntas = 7.81 hectare = 78,104 Sq Meters

This 19 acre and 12 Guntas of flush green land contain 4,000 various valuable jungle trees (If you decide to cut and sell it will fetch more than 20 lakhs). This kind of forest having ownership possession is not seen nowadays. This area lies between the Banavasi (National Heritage—a famous tourist centre) Sorab, Jade, Aanavatti and the world famous bird sanctuary “Gudavi”. This land is connected with good roads from Sirsi-Banavasi, Shimoga-Sorab, and Hirekeroor-Bnavasi etc. Thousands of valuable teak trees are planted so it can be a good investment. Guest houses, rest houses and other buildings can be constructed by cutting few unwanted trees.

Total border is covered with deep and wide trench where “Akeshia” trees are planted as fence for security purpose. Open area is available for big construction purposes. Price-60 lakhs (Not Negotiable)
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